Glossary - N

This section provides an explanation for some of the jargon used to describe structured retail products. If you would like us to add additional words then please let us know by clicking here.


A product paying a fixed coupon plus the worst of the performance of a basket of underlying shares or indices.

NASDAQ US Buyback Achievers Index

The Index is comprised of United States (US) securities issued by corporations that have effected a net reduction in shares outstanding of 5% or more in the trailing 12 months. The index began with a base value of 4694.06518327 on December 20, 2006.


The Nasdaq100 index is an index of shares of the largest 100 companies weighted by market capitalisation, listed on the US Nasdaq exchange. Most of these companies are technology companies.

Nikkei 225

The Nikkei225 index is an index of shares of the largest 225 companies in Japan. Note that this index is not weighted by market capitalisation.


New Individual Savings Account. A NISA is a tax free UK savings product with increased limits and greater flexibility than the old ISA. Account holders can divide their savings between a Cash NISA and Stocks & Shares NISA in one single account. The NISA (New ISA) has replaced the old ISA from July 2014.


A debt security usually maturing in one to ten years and offering no or partial principal protection.

Notice COB

Product details as agreed by the French regulator, the AMF (formerly Commission des Opérations de Bourse or COB). All funds (OPCVM) sold in France are required to have this information notice.