About the Ultrafeed API

The StructuredRetailProducts.com API (application-programming interface) is a web-based software application which allows clients to access, integrate and manipulate our data using both standard independent software vendor and bespoke in-house applications and analytics.

We know our clients' data needs are unique. The Ultrafeed API is the ideal solution for businesses that want to retrieve, interrogate and incorporate bespoke data queries from our extensive database of structured products. Our dedicated team of research analysts collate and validate data on a daily basis from a number of primary sources converting it into a unified and reliable format.

  • Data is retrieved using a unique access key provided with the API licence.
  • Clients are able to construct bespoke data queries, selecting from 50+ product properties (e.g. payoff type, asset class, market) and refining further using relevant product filters such as range value filters (final strike date between date X and date Y); predefined value filters (such as currency, distribution channel, derivative counterparty ); free value filters (to retrieve an exact match on product(s) property values such as ISIN code); number range filters (ie. products with a minimum return between percentage X and percentage Y inclusive); date filters (ie. products which expire on a specific date) and aggregated filters (a combination of the various product filters).
  • Data is returned directly onto the client's platforms and in-house systems in the format specified by the client. This allows seamless integration and/or aggregation with other data, facilitating reporting and market analysis.

The StructuredRetailProducts.com API is a REST full web service which works at the basic level using XML/JSON and HTTPS.

  • To understand the API server requests and responses please read our Developer's Guide.
  • To learn about the structure of requests and responses please read our Reference Guide.
  • To make working with the API easier, we have a number of client samples which can be viewed here.
  • For general information regarding the StructuredRetailProducts.com API, including access to the API, please read the FAQ section or contact us directly.