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Lars Christensen

international economist

Lars Christensen is an internationally renowned Danish economist specialising in the international economy, emerging markets and monetary policy. Lars has over twenty years’ experience in government and banking and is the founder and owner of Markets and Money Advisory and is a senior fellow at London’s Adam Smith Institute.

He has a long experience as a speaking partner to multinational companies and financial institutions regarding global financial markets, the global economy and geopolitics. He is known for his no-nonsense, out-of-the-box views and as a lively and opinionated speaker.

Lars Christensen worked five years as an economic policy analyst at the Danish Ministry of Economic Affairs (1996-2001). He has a master’s degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen (1994).
Lars is particularly known for having been head of emerging markets research at Danske Bank in Copenhagen. In this role he authored numerous path-breaking economic reports on particularly Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2006-8 Lars co-authored a number of reports warning of a coming economic meltdown in Central and Eastern Europe and maybe most famously Lars co-authored the report “Geyser Crisis” in 2006, which correctly forecasted a major economic and financial crisis in Iceland.

Lars is also known for being an Africa Optimist and is a strong believer in what he calls the coming African growth miracle.

Lars Christensen is the author of Milton Friedman – en pragmatisk revolutionær” (“Milton Friedman – a pragmatic revolutionary) published in November 2002. He has contributed to numerous other books. Lars Christensen is internationally recognised as a specialist on the economic teachings of Milton Friedman and the history of monetary thought.

Lars also blogs at marketmonetarist.com. His blog The Market Monetarist has since it was started in 2011 become one of the leading international blogs on monetary policy. Lars has coined the name Market Monetarism. Market Monetarism is a new school of economic thought that has emerged primarily in the blogosphere. Market Monetarists like Lars advocate that central banks should target the nominal GDP level (NGDP level targeting).

Lars is widely quoted by most international financial media – Financial Times, The Telegraph Bloomberg, Reuters, Dow Jones Newswire etc.