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What are structured products?

Structured products represent investment vehicles that yield returns tied to asset performance. These assets encompass various markets, such as equities, indices, funds, interest rates, currencies, commodities, or real estate. They offer predefined payoffs and risk capital levels, with flexible profiles suited for bullish, bearish, or range-bound markets. Tailoring options make them ideal for fixed-term investors seeking capital protection.

History of structured products

Delve into the evolution of these innovative financial instruments, tracing their origins and transformation within the investment landscape. Gain valuable insights into how structured products have shaped the industry, paving the way for modern investment strategies.

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Who we are

Launched in 2003, SRP is the leading provider of intelligence for the global structured product market, trusted by investment banks, hedge funds, product issuers and distributors, exchanges and asset managers.

Today, we enable market players to find any product from over 40 million in our database and easily analyse the market. Our news service and global events cover the latest insights into the structured products market and recognises industry leading talent through our awards programmes.

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