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Below are thought leadership pieces focused on structured products. These accounts provide insights from experts who have played a pivotal role in the field.

Insights: understanding product versus underlying performance

The strength of structured products is their ability to reshape risk-return profiles away from linear outcomes.

04 Jun 2024 by Tim Mortimer - FVC
Spotlight on France: 98% of products delivered positive returns in 2023

SRP reviewed 3,200 products that have matured or potentially expire early in France during 2023.

30 May 2024 by Nikolay Nikolov
Spotlight on Asia Pacific payoffs … cap prot drives 30% of sales, yield enhancement unscathed

By estimated sales in 2023, autocallable yield enhancement products reached more than half of the market share in Asia Pacific.

23 May 2024 by Jocelyn Yang & Josafin Fu
Analysis: US demand for ETF underlyings remains strong

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are one of the top five asset classes for the US structured product market by product sales this year.

21 May 2024 by Suzi Hampson - FVC
Spotlight Europe: consumer discretionary growth boosted by luxury goods, car industry

Sales for products linked to indices from the consumer discretionary sector increased by 54% YoY mostly driven by sustained exposure to luxury goods companies and auto manufacturers.

09 May 2024 by Nikolay Nikolov
Credit linked products: high income levels, different types of exposure

Credit linked products represent an interesting niche area of income investments, and they are related to both the corporate bond and structured products market.

07 May 2024 by Tim Mortimer - FVC
Analysis: FX linked structures carve their own corner in the global market

Despite the dominance of equities and interest rates in the market, FX products have established themselves in many markets as opportunistic investments and for hedging purposes.

23 Apr 2024 by Tim Mortimer - FVC
Wide angle: European investors target single stocks, consumer discretionary and tech flourish

Turnover of structured products linked to a single stock increased by 41% YoY in Europe during 2023.

18 Apr 2024 by Nikolay Nikolov
StructrPro: US market preference for indices remains strong, issuance fluctuates due to trends and conditions

We look at trends in issuance, maturities and returns across index-linked products in the US market.

09 Apr 2024 by Suzi Hampson - FVC

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