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Below are thought leadership pieces focused on structured products. These accounts provide insights from experts who have played a pivotal role in the field.

Wide angle - ESG (part 2): France dominates ESG activity, MSCI retains highest market share

In the second of a two-part article, we look at the main ESG markets in Europe, the dominant index providers in the segment, and thematics that caught the eye.

29 Feb 2024 by Nikolay Nikolov and Marc Wolterink
StructrPro: highest returns in US come from long-dated products

We look at trends in product maturities in the US market using data from StructrPro.

27 Feb 2024 by Suzi Hampson - FVC
Wide angle: evolution of ESG products (part 1)

After riding on an upward trend for many years, ESG-linked products faced a difficult 2023, with both sales and issuance significantly down year-on-year (YoY).

23 Feb 2024 by Nikolay Nikolov
Wide angle: redeemed vs live products in France

In this article, SRP analysed the current status of French products - redeemed versus live - per year of issuance for the period 2013 to 2023 in France.

16 Feb 2024 by Nikolay Nikolov
StructrPro: falling underlyings

The underlying exposure and the payoff structure are two of the key elements of structured products seeking to invest in the market. But when markets go south protection comes to the fore as a critical feature to minimise the impact of falling underlyings.

13 Feb 2024 by Tim Mortimer - FVC
StructrPro: at-risk growth widens gap in the US, protected growth remains marginal

In this article, we look at the market dynamics in the US around growth and income products over the last three years.

30 Jan 2024 by Tim Mortimer - FVC
Wide angle: coupons on offer in France

The average offered coupon reached 8.1% during the first 10 months of 2023 with products linked to a worst-of basket of stocks the most generous.

26 Jan 2024 by Nikolay Nikolov
StructrPro trends – products outperform underlyings even after correction

Over the last two years the larger underlyings have continued to dominate the notional going into structured products which continued to beat their referenced assets even after times of market disruption.

16 Jan 2024 by Suzi Hampson - FVC
Gold revival leaves its mark

Gold has always been an important underlying in the investment universe with its status as a safe haven in times of turmoil.

02 Jan 2024 by Tim Mortimer - FVC

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