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As the only independent and specialist provider of global structured product data for over 20 years, SRP provides the market intelligence you need to extract insight and make informed decisions.

Combined with our proprietary news and analysis, and market-leading international events, our platform provides you with essential information about the structured products market from a single, in-depth source.

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Structured products intelligence at your fingertips

SRP’s structured products database offers you comprehensive intelligence on market structure, sales volumes, key trends and competitor activity. This in-depth information, gathered for over 20 years and continuously updated, also powers your critical dividend risk and volatility analysis - all from a single source.

Access our data via the Product Search and Analysis functions online or integrate it directly with your own infrastructure, through our Application Programming Interface (API). If you are interested in data relating to specific countries or regions, we can tailor your access to optimise efficiency.

30+ million
$12 trillion
Total sales and counting

Extract the insight you’re looking for

Filter and analyse information from over 30 million individual products by extracting key data points from standardised information cards for each product.

Gain the intelligence you need to make informed decisions by following market shares, trends, best-selling and performing products, asset classes and more.

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Find specific products or create complex analysis. Save your results and share insights with your colleagues with ease.


Track market shares, trends, best-selling products, asset classes and many other datasets. Select a range of filters to see an overview of all the information available to you. Select region, market site, competitor info and sort the data by date, sales volume and more to make informed decisions at the click of a button.

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Turn data into intelligence 

With the SRP API, you can integrate and manipulate our comprehensive data within independent software vendor solutions and bespoke, in-house applications and analytics.

The web-based software application allows you to access, integrate and manipulate data from the world’s most comprehensive and trusted database of structured products directly in your in-house systems, applications and analytics.

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Enhance your product selection and management processes

StructrPro is a new structured product lifecycle management tool combining database with analytics.

It is powered by the world's most comprehensive structured product database, built by SRP over the last twenty years enhanced with detailed sophisticated analytics from FVC.

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