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Welcome to SRP's digital space. We have designed a page dedicated to all our virtual events to keep our clients and visitors up to date with the latest news, challenges and solutions in the structured products market. For any enquiries, please contact:

Past Digital Events


ESG in Apac: drivers & roadblocks to integration

8 July 2020

A panel of expert speakers convened on Wednesday July 8 at 4.30pm HK/Singapore time | 9:30 am GMT to analyse the main drivers of ESG integration in the Asia Pacific region, and look at potential barriers to development.

Pandemic Pic

Structured products in a pandemic world: the view from Apac

23 June 2020

Speakers discussed the current market environment and how this is affecting activity in the structured product space. They also focused on the various options used to manage structured products in investor portfolios, how the buy- and sell-sides can maintain business as usual, and how to create new products to capitalise on shifting market conditions.




Is ESG investing a sustainable proposition?

13 May 2020

Topics include:

• How can financial service providers best support the growth of sustainable investing? What is the goal of investors who are involved in sustainable investing?

• How can we make ESG products more efficient? What are the best structures and payoffs for issuers, distributors and investors?

• How can we ensure investors’ good will is fulfilled when investing in ESG projects? What needs to be done to increase awareness of ESG investment options?

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Growing the annuities wallet

15 April 2020

Investing in FIAs allows investors to capitalise on rising interest rates and to secure principal protection in the face of continued market volatility. Our panellists, spanning the entire product lifecycle, delved into the following issues:
- multi-asset class strategies that include a range of investment instruments to safeguard investors’ capital from the low interest rate environment and offer fixed gains;
- best practices to ensure clients understand the diversity of products available and the costs and risks involved with each; and
- how platform providers are gearing up to target the FIA space by bridging the gap between product manufacturers and distributors.

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Banking on the blockchain

18 March 2020

Speakers discussed the merits of using DLT technology when it comes to launching structured products.


Proprietary indices in focus

29 November 2019

Key topics discussed included:

  • Why is there growing interest in QIS? What do investors get out of QIS?
  • Banks have traditionally being actively involved in QIS but other actors in the market are also getting into this space? Why is there a repositioning of actors in the QIS space, and what does the landscape look like?
  • What kind of future can we expect for the QIS business? 
  • What kind of innovation is coming out of QIS? Where is this coming from? What can the US and UK/EU markets teach us about this?