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Structrpro: momentum indices deliver modest returns, well placed to benefit from shift towards cap prot

As the number of custom and proprietary underlyings increases, we look at the performance of two of the most popular underlying indices in the US market developed by investment banks.

10 Mar 2023 by Suzi Hampson - FVC
Unlock value investing on a global universe with the Shiller Barclays CAPE Global Sector Index

Powered by CAPE®, the Shiller Barclays CAPE® Global Sector Index identifies long-term value potential across diversified global sectors.

12 Oct 2022 by Barclays
Indonesia issues first structured warrant

RHB Indonesia received in early September a letter from the financial services authority granting permission for the first issuance of structured warrants in Indonesia. Dentons HPRP provides an overview of the new regulation and the advantages of the new products.

10 Oct 2022 by Dentons HPRP (Indonesia)
A guide to the SRP database

SRP delivers market leading intelligence on the structured products industry. Find out more about the insights available our database in this guide.

01 Aug 2022 by SRP
Meet the SRP Americas team

Our dedicated team focused on the Americas market is ready to support you via our intelligence platform and help you extract valuable insights.

01 Aug 2022 by SRP News
Analysis: Vol KO Puts v the temptation of the 95% strike put

How to make cheaper hedges without lowering the strike.

09 Jun 2022 by Eric Barthe
Analysis: US market delivers in bull and bear markets

The US structured product market has grown very strongly over the last few years. Sales volumes, number of products and the universe of active market participants have all increased significantly.

30 Mar 2022 by Tim Mortimer - FVC
The appeal of high vol: a ride with Tesla

The electric car manufacturer has become the second stock underlying in the US structured products market after Apple.

07 Dec 2021 by Suzi Hampson
Decrement indices and autocallable structures: the good, the bad and the ugly

This article looks at how these indices are built, how they differ from real indices and the potential consequences for the investors and for the banks.

29 Nov 2021 by Eric Barthe