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Integrate and manipulate data from the world’s most comprehensive and trusted database of structured products directly on their in-house systems, applications and analytics.

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Easy to Integrate

A single API implementation gives you and your organisation access to SRP's global database of over 24 million products across 76 markets. Our developers’ portal and extensive technical and business documentation will help you build and test bespoke API queries.

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Our dedicated team of in-house research analysts collate and validate data on a daily basis from a number of primary sources, converting it into a homogenous and reliable format. Our data goes back 20 years, providing details on trades from 3,000 financial institutions representing sales of $11 trillion+.

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Valuable Insight

Feed your system pricing tools and applications with independently sourced data on structured product deals, or get an aggregate picture on manufacturing trends, distribution, and investor sentiment. Download product brochures directly into your database.

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Data is returned directly onto your platforms and in-house systems in your preferred format. Tailor the data search and filtering to your specifications.

Key benefits

Supercharge Sales

Track sales flows by distributor and manufacturer. Optimise trades by quantifying sales attached to each underlying or product, reconciling these with strike dates and barrier levels.

Acceletate Reporting

The most comprehensive dataset of structured products in the industry. Integrate this data with other types of investment products to carry out analysis on a country or regional basis for senior management, or to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Spot Trends

Identify trends in the structured products market and use the insight to create trading strategies and fuel new product development.

Automate Complex Analysis

The SRP API ensures an automated data feed direct to your in-house systems, saving time and reducing risks in aggregating different sources.

Manage Risk

Profit from micro trends through assessing the optionality embedded within a particular market or sector.

Track Competitors

Engage in competitor analysis and benchmark your activity to identify new opportunities.

Risk Management; Investment Strategy; Index Creation; Trading and Hedging Strategies; Pricing Policies; Product Innovation; Fair Value Demonstration; Appropriate Tax Treatment; Competitor Benchmarking; Back-Testing/Mean Reversion; Sales; Calculating the Greeks; Management Reporting.

Track & Collect Index Licensing Fees; Index Creation; Benchmarking & Competitor Analysis; Management Reporting; Appropriate Tax Treatment; Market Share Analysis; Track New Indices.

Anticipate Volatility; Analyse Skew; Analyse Investment Banks; Exposure; Calculating the Greeks; Build Trading Models.

Analyse Term Sheets Product-by-Product; Investor Risk Exposure; Market Trends & Activity Overview; Compliance & Reporting; Appropriate Tax Treatment; Reconcile Products Efficiently & Correctly; Automate Alerts for Market Manipulation.

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