Conference Agenda - Thursday, September 12, 2019


Registration & Breakfast


Welcome note


Amélie Labbé Thompson, global head of content, SRP


Keynote address


Leading carriers map out the future of the indexed insurance market

Leading insurance carriers in the US:

  • analyse current regulatory and business developments and assess their impact on the market;
  • discuss what could be in store for the future when it comes to innovation, market drivers and ecosystem; and
  • present what challenges the indexed insurance space faces and what can be done to overcome them.


Danette Kennedy, Director, NA Annuity Sales Development, North American Company for Life and Health Insurance

Adam Politzer, Senior Vice President, Product Actuary, Athene USA


Global Market Overview – insurance & structured products in focus


Tiago Fernandes, managing director, SRP


Networking Coffee Break


Regulation roundtable

An opportunity for an update on the current regulatory regime, this session will cover topics such as:

  • the SEC’s best interest rule and conflict of interest disclosure issues / different standards of conduct for RIAs and broker-dealers;
  • state v federal level rules; and
  • hypothetical use and product performance.


Andrew Hartnett, deputy commissioner for securities and regulated services, Iowa Insurance Division

Kim O'Brien, vice chairman and chief executive officer, Americans for Annuity Protection

Richard Vagnoni, senior market analyst, FINRA

David Wolfe, general counsel, Advisors Excel


Nick Gerhart, Chief Administrative Officer, FBL Financial Group


SRP Talks: spotlight on insurance innovation

Discover the latest ground-breaking innovations as SRP gives three disruptors 10 minutes each to discuss how their ideas will help drive efficiency, optimise client experience and ultimately, grow profits.


Andrew Payne, vice president and general counsel, Creative One


Networking Lunch Break


New indices: do they offer value?

This session is the perfect opportunity to:

  • assess how consumers, advisors and regulators understand the role and potential of new indices;
  • discover how innovation in indices are affecting the insurance industry and driving progress; and
  • develop an education strategy that boosts understanding of new indexes within and across the market.


Ryan Cullen, head of structured insurance, UBS

Nate Dorr, Quantitative Developer, Milliman, Inc

Manish Vij, director of sales - North America, STOXX Ltd.


Wrapper differentiation and growing the insurance pie

Get to grips with different wrappers, from FIAs to structured annuities, and understand how each one can affect the value of individual products.

Topics discussed include:

  • a roadmap to educate the market about the effect and value of wrappers; and
  • the impact of investor sophistication on industry growth.


Chad Chuang, director - annuity product development, AXA Equitable Holdings

Phil Pellegrino, executive director, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Joseph Powell, president, Barnabas Capital


Networking Coffee Break


Annuities and structured products: a cross-industry learning opportunity

  • develop a stronger understanding of your customer base and shape your product offering around their level of understanding;
  • analyze the future of indexed annuities and construct a development strategy that helps indexed annuities become mainstream products; and
  • understand the link between annuities and structured products, and discover what they can learn from each other to produce more dynamic products for clients.  


Ram Kelkar, Principal and Managing Director, Capital Markets Group, Milliman, Inc

Sheryl Moore, president and chief executive officer, Moore Market Intelligence and Wink, Inc

Steve Saltzman, principal, Saltzman Associates


Best practice presentations: what are you doing to grow the market?


Ryan Fickel, chief technology officer, Advisors Excel

Charlie Gipple, founder and chief executive officer, CG Financial Group

Scott Perry, chief executive officer, AmeriLife


Closing Remarks


Drinks Reception & Awards Dinner