Derivatives Masterclass - Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Structured Products Market Overview

• What is a structured product?
• Global market overview.


Core Structured Products Strategies

• Swapping coupons for upside.
• Simple yield enhancement.
• Why barriers are popular.
• The wonder of auto-calls.




The Legal Framework - How to Remain Compliant

• Identifying “Target Market” and why this is important.
• Good practices to observe.
• Recent examples of where it went wrong.




Cutting Edge

• New choices in underlyings.
• Fixed dividend indices and other propietary strategies.
• New developments in payoffs.
• Modelling structures and understanding risk.




Wrapping the Solutions & Product Ideas

• What legal forms fo products take?
• Where do they fit in a portfolio and how should they be marketed?
• Product ideas for the future.


Wrap-up and Final Questions

Conference - Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Empowering Women in Structured Products: Breakfast and Talks

  • What are some of the current challenges/obstacles women face working in the financial sector?
  • Tips and advice from female senior executives on issues including mentoring, career/professional development and overcoming workplace challenges. 




Keynote Address


Global Market Overview & US Performance Report

  • What are some of the key current drivers of the structured products market?
  • Bouncing back from the autocallable saga of 2018
  • Which categories of products and types of payoff/index/underlying/level of capital protection etc. are popular now, and why?
  • Where is the growth coming from? Which markets are slowing down?


Market leaders in the spotlight: what’s next for structured products?

Five key industry figures in the structured products space will discuss feedback from the buy-side, collected during the SRP Americas 2019 survey, and deliver their viewpoint on how the industry should face its challenges/evolve/grow going forward.


Networking Break


Educating the market: the view from Europe

A discussion with a key European market player on:
• How they view their mission of educating the market about structured products;
• Fostering cooperation and communication between the market and regulators;
• Key educational initiatives in place in their jurisdiction and impact these have had/are expected to have.


The rise of the platform in US distribution

A number of leading US platforms take a look at some of the key trends affecting the sector, and what ‘Platform 2.0’ could look like.

Topics to be discussed include:

-          distribution/cost efficiencies;

-          the role of technology in the sector’s development/ where the innovation is coming from;

-          comparative experiences from Europe & Asia.


Lunch and Networking


Back to the future: where is the indexing market heading?

• Do quant models still have a role to play?
• Proprietary indices: private products in the public eye: what are the key challenges and issues?
• Transparency on methodology and risk analytics: how to address these two challenges?


SRP Talks

TED-style talks: four speakers present their thoughts on product ideas and themes affecting the structured products industry and investment markets more generally. Event delegates vote to decide which idea/theme is the most innovative.


Networking Break


Innovation in wrappers: same payoff, new package

ETFs and UITs have evolved to include barriers and other forms of principal protection - in essence structured product payoffs but with a better wrapper.

• How do these structures work?
• How do they compare with traditional offerings?
• What do these types of innovation mean for the market going forward?


Opportunities outside of the US

Presenters from non-US markets (for ex, Brasil, Peru and/or Canada) discuss:

• How these markets approach structured products in terms of market treatment and regulation; • Key trends and major market players;
• What the US can learn from them.


Closing Remarks


Drinks Reception


Awards Dinner & Ceremony

Join us for the highly anticipated Awards Ceremony. SRP’s Americas Structured Products & Derivatives Awards are designed to recognise the best buy and sell-side companies as well as the best service providers and distributors. Being the award that matters to the industry, it is a must attend event.

Please note this is a separately bookable event. To join the Awards Dinner and Ceremony, please contact Joe Burris at