Lowes Financial Management's StructuredProductReview.com has introduced a portfolio tool allowing financial advisers to build portfolios of structured products and invest through the  SPwrap.com platform.

"Traditionally, structured products have been single purchase items, which has limited their capabilities within client portfolios," said StructuredProductReview.com's operations manager, Thomas Hughes. "By enabling advisers to build portfolios using a range of plans that, for example, can take advantage of geared investments to catch the market upside as well as defensive plans which can produce positive returns on the downside, and to do this without clients having to meet minimum investment levels, puts into advisers' hands a flexible and valuable financial planning tool."

The new tab will allow the construction of structured products portfolios either on a bespoke basis for individual clients or as a pre-built portfolio to be used across their client base.   

Once a portfolio is built, investment in it will be possible via SPwrap.com, which has an initial fee of around 0.65% and no annual platform charge, and has been designed to allow advisers to integrate the investment into their RDR-compliant charging models.

Investments via the platform are not restricted and registered users will be able to invest as little as £1,000 in each product.

SPwrap.com will then provide any product or portfolio in the platform with strike levels and forthcoming maturities, as well as key information on each product, including a breakdown of the counterparty exposure of the whole portfolio, timelines of maturities and details on barrier levels and the proximity of the relevant index to its barrier.

The research and comparison website, which is free to use for financial advisers, announced recently that it has exceeded 7,500 registered users.