Issue 19 of our e-mag is hot off the press and ready to download.

In this Special Edition covering our Americas conference SRPInsight comes packed with all the latest developments, product trends, crypto news and people moves from the Americas, Apac and Europe.

With bond yields and interest rates going up, capital protection has returned to the market at a time when markets look uncertain and investors are looking to safeguard their investments.

In this month’s market analysis, FVC’s Tim Mortimer focuses how the five-year rate is likely to have a positive effect on the pricing of capital protected structured products; while Suzi Hampson looks at rotation strategies - underlyings allocating dynamically across different asset classes and sectors depending on market conditions.

We also follow up on our SRP Americas Conference which took place in Chicago in mid-September with insights from leading markets executives across the value chain covering sell- and buy-side developments, regulation, cryptos, platforms and annuities.

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