The French bank has added a new functionality to its click and trade issuance platform aimed at providing insight and data to develop new algorithms and products.

Société Générale has launched SG Markets Analytics and Data, a new service offered by the Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) division offering ‘qualitative information and intuitive tools’ for professional investors to ‘develop algorithms and make relevant decisions’.

SG Markets Analytics and Data will provide the bank’s users and subscribers with premium access to SG CIB’s database which is used on a daily basis by the bank’s CIB teams - the analysis tools and database have been built and used by the bank’s trading and financial research technical experts, leaders on derivative and structured products, for more than 15 years.

The new module will be available as another functionality of the SG Markets platform - Philippe Dufay, SG CIB

“The new service is targeted at all the clients on the bank’s SG Market platform within global markets including private banks insurance company pension fund, hedge funds, asset managers or corporates,” Philippe Dufay (pictured), head of data sales, SG CIB, told SRP.

SG is seeking to capitalise on the financial analysis of its research team to share them with professional investors – users of the new service will be given access to the datasets used by the bank’s quantitative team, as well as to analysis tools and proprietary data provided by the trading team. 

“We want to leverage the full markets franchise capitalising on our digital capabilities and combining them with our research and strong derivative background,” said Dufay. “This is an addition to our SG Markets platform offering so that our clients have more insight and access to more relevant data to monitor their exposures and understand the impact of market events and other risk parameters.”

According to Dufay, the bank’s clients have shown interest in getting historical data, especially Greeks and data providing insight and covering market events/ crisis cycles to better assess products they put in theirs and their client’s portfolios and manage the risk.

Based on more than 5,000 instruments distributed and used over several markets worldwide, the bank’s datasets provide access to a catalog of products across different asset classes including equities, equity derivatives, rates and Forex products.  The offer also provides data on volatility, ESG, ETF business and other derivatives.

“We think this will be relevant for the risk and valuation department of any of our clients which will now be able to use our data in order to run and define their risk framework and monitor the risks related to the investment strategies they trade with us,” Dufay said. “Another practical use case can be applied to quants teams as they always need data to build their models.”

The data, historical or on an immediate time-base, provides can be tailored to match the clients’ ‘diverse requests’, from the conception phase, through to the execution phase, until the risk management and post-trade phases.

“The new module will be available as another functionality of the SG Markets platform,” said Dufay. “The data and analytics catalogue can be tailored for clients who can pick and choose the data set or the product that they want to analyse.”

The new service is stored on a secure Cloud and can be accessed via a multilingual API.