Market cap / Industry sector Index Report 2023

The structured products market remains a focus for innovation as product providers and investors move towards customised underlyings.

SRP Asia Pacific Awards 2023 Report

All the shortlisted firms and winners of the 2023 edition of the SRP Asia Pacific awards report.

SRP ESG Index Report

ESG has become one of the main drivers of underlying innovation in the structured products over the last five years. 

SRP France Performance report 2021

2021 was a record year for the stock markets which experienced a massive rebound after the COVID-19 crisis. The histogram of returns shows that structured products performed impressively with an average annualised return of all products of 7.65%, which is 3% more than the annualised performance we reported for the previous 12-month period.
The exceptional performance was particularly boosted by opportunistic structures launched in the wake of the Covid crisis. 

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SRP Digital Assets Report

The SRP Digital Assets Report dives into the world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi), cryptos and structured products.

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SRP Asia Pacific Awards 2022 report

All the winning teams and individuals of the 2022 edition of the SRP APAC awards.

SRP Europe 2022 - awards report

All the shortlisted firms and winners of SRP 19th Europe awards! 

SRP Index Report 2021

SRP's inaugural index report paints the most comprehensive picture of the role of indices in the structured product industry, highlighting all the main index trends, themes and players.

SRP Americas Awards Report 2021

All the winners and winning teams from the SRP 2021 Americas Awards!