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StructrPro: the risk of highly volatile underlyings cannot be underestimated

We look at structured products in the US market linked to underlyings that have exhibited poor performance during 2023.

21 Nov 2023 by Suzi Hampson - FVC
Roche: most defensive barriers at safe distance as stock struggles

More than 75% of live products featuring the Swiss share are more than 10% away from crossing their Knock-In barriers; 55% at more than 20% from breaching them.

15 Nov 2023 by Pablo Conde
HSCEI: Vega supply muted by lower issuance

Almost 70% of live products featuring the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI) are in safe territory and far from breaching their defensive barriers.

14 Nov 2023 by Pablo Conde
Analysis: commoditising volatility

Structurers and traders at investment banks involved in structured products are constantly assessing pricing and risk management as part of the issuance program they are involved in.

06 Nov 2023 by Tim Mortimer - FVC
Lifecyle management: StructrPro index analysis 2023

The US structured product market has seen very strong growth in recent years.

25 Oct 2023 by Tim Mortimer - FVC
Analysis: non-US underlyings in the US market

The US market represents almost 25% of all structured products outstanding globally in 2023.

10 Oct 2023 by Suzi Hampson - FVC
Research: volatility and OTM call returns

Standard option pricing models in finance, like the Black-Scholes model, would suggest that call returns are positive, and that call returns should be higher, the higher the strike of the option.

02 Oct 2023 by Tobias Sichert
FCA SDR consumer labels: implications for advisers using ESG structured products

In October 2022, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FCA) released its consultation paper on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDRs) and sustainable investment labels.

28 Sep 2023 by Alexandra Mortimer - FVC
Strategy & custom indices – banking on diversification needs

The use of strategy and custom indices has had a long and rich history within retail structured products markets for many years.

12 Sep 2023 by Tim Mortimer - FVC