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StructrPro: highest returns in US come from long-dated products
North America | Products
28 Feb 2024 by Suzi Hampson - FVC

We look at trends in product maturities in the US market using data from StructrPro.

Barclays’ structured notes over-issuance reverberates
North America | Regulations & Legal
27 Feb 2024 by SRP News

The UK bank must face a lawsuit brought by US shareholder over the US$17.7 billion structured note blunder.

NewEdge revisits SMA underlying portfolio as Russell 2000 goes up
North America | Products
26 Feb 2024 by Summer Wang

The US independent financial advisor with US$8.6 billion AuM has re-launched its structured note income portfolio (SNIP) to capitalise on the Russell 2000 rally through a separately managed account (SMA).

Indexed annuities: solid activity despite weak Q423
North America | Products
22 Feb 2024 by Summer Wang

FIA and Rila activities remained consistent at some of the largest insurers in 2023, although many lost steam in a challenging fourth quarter.

Barclays US average ticket boosted by jumbo deal, profit down by 15%
International | Industry
21 Feb 2024 by Summer Wang

The UK bank saw its sales of SEC-registered structured notes rebound in 2023 following a significant slowdown in activity in the previous year.

TIS: 75% of FIA indices deliver positive returns
North America | Industry
20 Feb 2024 by Summer Wang

In 2023, 168 of the 225 indices tracked by The Index Standard (TIS) posted a positive return, adding to the momentum for fixed index annuities (FIAs).

Credit Suisse dodges ETN lawsuit
North America | Regulations & Legal
15 Feb 2024 by SRP News

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals of the US has dismissed a class action lawsuit brought by retail investors over the delisting of a Credit Suisse exchange-traded note (ETN).

BofA indices gain traction with new Rila player
North America | Indices
14 Feb 2024 by Summer Wang

F&G Annuities & Life has entered the US registered index-linked annuity (Rila) market with three indices developed by BofA Securities.

UBS US sales up 8%, single stocks dominate
International | Industry
13 Feb 2024 by Summer Wang

The Swiss bank continues to differentiate itself with concentrated single stock underliers in the US structured note market.