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Analysis: US ETF-linked products prove their worth
North America | Products
24 May 2023 by Suzi Hampson - FVC

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are one of the top five asset classes for the structured product market striking in the US market this year.

Annuities: new custom underlyings launched, FIA post double-digit growth
North America | Industry
16 May 2023 by SRP News

The new risk control proprietary indices add to a growing range of underlyings seen in the US indexed annuities market which continues to break sales records.

Funds of structured products: ignoring short term noise
International | Products
03 May 2023 by Marc Wolterink

SRP reviewed how the various funds of structured products performed in March and Q1 2023.

Former Barclays, Luma executives join US buy-side firm
North America | People
03 May 2023 by SRP News

The investment management firm is seeking to expand its asset management capabilities with advanced derivative-based solutions.

BofA’s global markets thrives, posts record structured products sales
North America | Products
27 Apr 2023 by SRP News

The bank reported one of its highest quarters of sales and trading with US structured product volumes reaching record levels in Q1.

Analysis: Russell 2000 – maturities vs live valuations
North America | Products
26 Apr 2023 by Tim Mortimer - FVC

In general, presenting structured product performance in a meaningful way is not as easy as might be first anticipated.

Barclays pulls out 21 ETNs as over-issuance blunder lingers
North America | Products
25 Apr 2023 by SRP News

Barclays Bank is calling nearly half of its US-listed exchange-traded notes (ETNs) a month after revealing that its 2022 performance was ‘marred by the over-issuance of securities in the US’.

US Q1 2023: the rise of the fixed rate note
North America | Products
24 Apr 2023 by SRP News

Seven of the top 10 best-selling products for the quarter were callable notes providing fixed coupons.

Goldman expands derivatives pricing tool, replaces Libor on top prop index
International | Products
21 Apr 2023 by SRP News

The US bank has added new asset classes to its derivatives price discovery tool and made changes to the methodology of one of its prop indices as Libor is discontinued.