Day 1 - Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Women in Structured Products in France


Géraldine Laussat, head of structured products, RFQ platforms, Virtu Financial

Nathalie Rouault, Equity and Funds Structured Products Distribution - France, BBVA

Lorraine Zafrani, Head of MACS Portfolio Management, AXA Investment Managers




Amélie Labbé Thompson, global head of content, SRP


Keynote Address

French Treasury representative on Brexit


Geoffroy Cailloux, Head of Savings and Financial Market Division, Savings Financial Market Division, Directorate General of the Treasury (DGT)


Around Europe in 80 payoffs

What can the French market learn from other markets? Representatives of international
markets – including Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and France - discuss and
compare key trends and strategies in play in their respective jurisdictions.
NB: Some of the focus on this session will highlight warrants, turbos and certificate payoff


Mikael Axelsson, CEO, Garantum Fondkommission

Juan Ramón Domínguez Recio, Head of Equity Structured Products Sales Europe, BBVA

Nicola Francia, MD- Head of Public Distribution, Unicredit


In discussion with French structured products leaders

A selected group of key industry players in France discuss results/findings of the buy-side
survey/pre-determined topics.


Ilan Abehsira, Head of Sales - France, Belgium, Luxembourg - Equity Solutions, Credit Agricole

Charlotte Giacomel, Director - Relations Grands Compte Retail France, Societe Generale

Aurelien Rabaey, Global Head of Financial Engeneering, Natixis


Tiago Fernandes, managing director, SRP


Networking coffee break


AMF Presentation: Adjusting to New Regulations

How should manufacturers and issuers adapt to the latest financial regulations – what challenges does this pose, and how can we overcome them to ensure compliance.


Julien Laroche, Head of Banking, Insurance and Bond Market, AMF


Piecing together the regulatory puzzle

In the year since it came into effect, discover how distributors are overcoming the challenges presented by Priips in relation to product governance and compliance, and the much-debated Kid framework. Hear from industry experts as they discuss product design and innovation, best practices and the impact of the latest rules on these areas.


Mouha Ait El Ghachi, head of structuring, France, Amundi

Sophie Asselot, Head of Public Affairs, Natixis

Jean-Philippe Cavrois, chairman, AFPDB

Julien Laroche, Head of Banking, Insurance and Bond Market, AMF


Amélie Labbé Thompson, global head of content, SRP


France Market Performance 2019

Analysis of market performance over the past 12 months and key findings for the French
market. Topics include:

  • did structured products deliver?;
  • what’s happening with autocalls and impact for French investors?; and
  • decrement indices – are they worth investing?


Tiago Fernandes, managing director, SRP


Lexifi Presentation

Jean-Marc Eber, founder and CEO of LexiFi will use his experience as both a banker and creator of financial technology to analyse the major trends facing the industry. He will evaluate the traditional human and organisational pitfalls as well as technological challenges that the industry will need to overcome, while putting into perspective the disruption caused by the use of certain fashionable buzzwords.


Jean-Marc Eber, CEO, Lexifi




Index innovation: from theory to practice

Several index providers discuss case studies from retail banks, private banks and insurance companies, and present their proposed solutions and how these can be used/adapted in the real world.


Pierre Gimenes, Head of Pricing & Development EQD Paris - Global Markets, Societe Generale

Stéphane Ifrah, co-founder & ceo, NaPoleon Group

Armelle Loeb, Managing Director - Head of European Sales, Stoxx Limited

Pierre Moretti, Head of New Products & Innovation Equity and Head of Indices, Natixis


Peter De Clercq, CEO, Quantessence


Digitalisation in financial services: Why is there no one-size-fits-all?

Digitalisation within banks and other financial players is a global trends often based on the use of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence tools and DLT protocols. How are banks and other financial players approaching digitalisation? How is the use of advanced technologies impacting product structuration and players' business models? This session will also include a discussion on recent regulatory initiatives in France and Europe relatng to innovation and digital asset-related activities. 


Mahesh Bulchandani, director and CEO Europe, FinIQ

Patrick Chotard, CEO, Lynceus Partners

Jennifer D’hoir, Senior Advisor - Innovation and Fintech, Gide Loyrette Nouel France

Géraldine Laussat, head of structured products, RFQ platforms, Virtu Financial

Nathalie Rouault, Equity and Funds Structured Products Distribution - France, BBVA


Hariton Korizis, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, ResonanceX


Networking coffee break


SRP Talks

Each structured product provider (four or five presenters) presents a new product/service idea they believe would make the market better/more transparent/more efficient/simpler.


Peter De Clercq, CEO, Quantessence

Damien Fontanille, Head of Sales, ALLINDEX

Steve Lamarque, Partner, Hilbert Investment Solutions


ESG and SRI: how sustainable are they in the investment world?

ESG investing is getting a lot of attention and traction in France and in Europe. How do ESG investment strategies/products compare to classic structured products, and what can be done to drive this space forward?


Marine Abiad, Head of Distribution, Goldman Sachs (International)

Arnaud Chaumont, Cross Asset Solutions Sales, Natixis

Bouayad Mahdi, Structurer, Credit Agricole CIB

Isabelle Millat, head of sustainable investment solutions - global markets, Société Générale

Etienne Vincent, Head of Global Quantitative Management, BNP Paribas Asset Management


Mathilde Sauve, Head of Investment Solutions, Banque Postale Structured Asset Management


Closing Remarks


Drinks Reception